Thoracic Lung Mass?? Sonopath’s June 2017 COTM Featuring The Focal Zone

June 5, 2017
The Focal Zone

Thoracic Lung Mass Vs. Thymoma

SDEP-certified clinical sonographer, Amanda Lacey of The Focal Zone, demonstrates that a mediastinal mass by any other name….is still a mass that needs a needle.

The mass was easily visualized, it was confirmed that the area to FNA was avascular, a clear distance from the heart, and achieved intercostally, just as one would FNA a liver.

Patient Information:

  • Age: 11.5 Years
    Gender: Male, Neutered
    Species: Canine
    Breed: Shar Pei Mixed Breed
    Chronic nasal discharge that was unresponsive to doxycycline and getting slowly worse


  • Imaging/Sampling:
    U/S-guided FNA of the lung mass was performed

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