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SonoPath: Fostering The Art of Veterinary Medicine

SonoPath is a DVM-owned, customer-centric company that serves a community of veterinarians and technicians who share our passion for diagnostic efficiency and value customer service. We’re highly focused on providing quality education, personalized support, and encouragement to help our customers learn, grow, and provide the best patient care possible.

This core belief allows us to create lasting, meaningful relationships with our customers, who know they can count on us.

SonoPath offers an innovative approach to veterinary medicine and clinical ultrasound providing a perfect blend of telemedicine, quality education, clinical support, and ultrasound equipment. SonoPath is the exclusive veterinary distributor for the SonoPath NinjaSP ultrasound machine.

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Dr. Eric C. Lindquist, CEO & Founder of talks “real talk” in veterinary medicine with experienced professionals that aren’t afraid to tell you how things really are. We’re here to help you optimise your veterinary career and your process.

Watch 5 SonoMinutes with SonoPath YouTube Series:

5 SonoMinutes with SonoPath

Welcome to the first installment of a new series with a quick interpretation of sonographic pathology! A little insight to our world as telemedicine specialists or clinical sonographers. We want to show you what we see and how we see it.

Too Many Tubes in a Cat Liver [5 SonoMinutes with SonoPath Ep11.2]

This morning we're taking a look at a cat liver. Dr. Lindquist shows you how to decipher through these types of cases.

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